This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.

How to Purchase

At Alsinger, our objective is to always provide you with the perfect fit. Therefore, we aim to have all models and styles available in both RtW, i.e. in Ready-to-Wear standard sizes, and MtM, Made-to-Measure.

In order for us to determine your perfect individual fit, you must first enter your measurements. This is done by creating an account.

In return we will inform you about:

  • Your RtW size.
  • If the RtW size is not optimal in all dimensions, we will tell you which adjustments are needed, and thus recommend MtM.
  • If your measurements vary considerably from the RtW sizes, you will only be able to choose MtM.
  • Finally, there is the possibility that neither our RtW nor MtM sizes fit you in which case we cannot take your order.

In the event that your RtW size is sold out, you can always check whether the item is available as MtM.

Each time you visit the shop, we will ask if you have kept your measurements. If they have changed, you must re-enter them. Check your weight. If it has changed, so has your measurements. We keep all your measurements on file so you can track your developments.