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Who is Alsinger Copenhagen?

Alsinger Copenhagen is on a mis- sion! It is our aim to create a global community of professionals with an interest in clothes and fashion where the Alsinger Copenhagen brand is the common denominator.

"Clothes make the man"

"Clothes make the man" an old proverb says. While such a statement falls just short of reality, clothes do allow you to convey to the world who you are and what line of profes- sion you are in. Look competent, act confident and people will start to treat you as such. Learn to dress for the role and use it to your advantage.

Your choice of clothing has to meet the expectations of your present environment. By wearing inadequate outfits you risk diverting attention away from you and the qualities you possess.

Orange Label represents the young shining graduate and businessman.

"First impression lasts"

"First impression lasts", another proverb states. This one is actually true. First impressions are formed unconsciously in a split of a second, usually before you have even opened your mouth. If you fail to present a positive image of yourself, the relationship is uphill from the start.

Alsinger Copenhagen aims to be the quality and style-conscious professionals' first choice when buying clothes. We will be your personal advisor when it comes to quality and stylish attire. We wish to dress our customers throughout life and guide your choice of outfit to always suit the occasion. When you buy clothes from Alsinger Copenhagen, you buy access to a partnership with dedicated fashion experts.

Alsinger Copenhagen can help you turn your wardrobe into a part of your personal brand by adapting it to your personality, body and lifestyle.

At Alsinger, our objective is to always provide you with the perfect fit. Therefore, we aim to have all models and styles available in both RtW, i.e. in Ready-to-Wear standard sizes, and MtM, Made-to-Measure.

We want to create added value for our customers. We believe that clothing is a capacity builder. Based on an interactive communication we will teach you the rules, traditions, insights into qualities, raw materials, fit, colours, signals, etc. With insight into clothing you can break the rules and become your confident authentic self.

In this dialogue, we expect to encounter many common denominators, personalities and interests. Of course there will be differences and nuances, anything else would be dull and faceless. We are looking forward to uncover and share these with you to the benefit of the community. In this very beginning we will use age to segment. As we grow, we will be introducing new parameters like geography, profession, etc.

Join us on here, on the newsletter, the Social Media and in real life. Our aim is to contribute to your success.

Rune M Bjerril
Founder of Alsinger Copenhagen

Alsinger Copenhagen ApS - Peter Bangs Vej 131 - 2000 Frederiksberg - Denmark - e-mail - phone +45 2211 2254